Our team woke at 5am this morning to prepare for a 2 hour trip to Lake Navaisha National Forest – our Safari trip for the week.  WOW!  Beautiful, majestic, breath-taking, awe-inspiring day experiencing God’s creation.  We were able to see just about everything that could be seen – 2 male lions, zebras, flamingos, wilda beast, water buffalo, rhinos, beautiful birds, impalas, more and more and more.  It was just beautiful!  So thankful we got to go.


We returned to Naomi’s Village to a room filled with joy – children playing and so happy to see us.  I think the most precious event of the day is praying over each child before they go to bed.  I mean, it is truly God’s presence in that dorm.  Bob and Julie Mendonsa are raising up young girls and boys to be future leaders of this great area called the Rift Valley!  I am so honored to be here.



Thanks for reading – please pray for Joel tonight, one of the children, who had surgery this week on his eye.  Thanks.  Talk to you tomorrow.


On Mission Team at Cottonwood Creek

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