Kevin Kitch's Story of Growing as a Leader Through Iron Men of God 


Spiritual leadership is an important part of being a godly man. In today's society, strong, godly leaders are necessary to help grow others in Christ and with each other. Iron Men of God is a Men's ministry that is shoulder to shoulder discipleship transforming men by increasing spiritual habits and disciplines. From there, they are taught to lead in all aspects of life with a focus on the Lord. Kevin Kitch is one of the men involved in Cottonwood Creek's Iron Men of God ministry and through his experience, he has grown in both discipleship and leadership.  


Kevin was saved at the age of 17 when he was invited to church by a friend from school. Kevin started attending church, worship, and youth. "I had tons of questions," Kevin said. "I didn't grow up in a home of believers so it wasn't the lifestyle I grew up in." Kevin had all the typical questions, such as, 'Why are we here?' "After I attended church with my friend, I had answers that meant something beyond the typical 'It is what it is'," Kevin said. "Through that year of going through youth and having people be patient with me and go through the Word of God, I accepted Christ at 17 and was baptized the same year." 


Kevin got involved at Cottonwood Creek after he and his wife, Kelly, got married. They had both grown up in the Tarrant County area, but after getting married, commuting to work was becoming an inconvenience. "We began looking at houses in the Collin County area and once we got settled, started looking at different churches," Kevin said. "We went to one other church and then Cottonwood and it was the right fit. We've been here since 2006." 


Kevin's journey into Iron Men of God was a natural progression. "We started in Worship services, then Life Groups," Kevin said. "A couple of guys in our Life Group had been through Iron Men of God." Kevin was curious about the ministry, but with having to travel for his job, he had a comfortable excuse to not do it.  


It wasn't until the third year of men prodding and encouraging him, that Kevin finally got involved in Iron Men of God. "That year, God grabbed a hold of my heart," Kevin said. "I was comfortable in my walk with God. I would come to church, go to Life Group, occasionally a Bible study."


Realizing that he was complacent in his walk with God, Kevin knew he needed to do something. "I was convicted and wanted to become more consistent with family devotions at home, praying with Kelly, and even in my own quiet times," Kevin said. "I would try through my own efforts, but each time failed. Because of those reasons, God convicted me to go through Iron Men of God."  


Kevin finally began his eight months of Iron Men of God. "The ministry covers everything from studying the Word and prayer, to being a leader in your home and everywhere else," Kevin said. "It teaches you how to evangelize and how to be bold and confident enough to go out there and have those conversations with people about the Lord." 


Part of joining the Iron Men of God ministry is a discipline of obedience. "You want to surrender your own comforts," Kevin said. "During your rookie year, you get the opportunity to wear a red rookie shirt and carry a stick." The stick was twofold for Kevin: it meant he was being obedient and surrendering to God in terms of his spiritual growth, and also sharing with others that he was submitting to Him. "For me, wearing the shirt and carrying the stick wasn't a big deal because I knew I needed to change my spiritual habits," Kevin said. 


Kevin had an exciting experience where he was able to share Iron Men of God with a new couple at church. "The wife stopped me and asked what the stick was about," Kevin said. "I then met the husband and they ended up joining our Life Group. That next year, the husband joined the Iron Men of God ministry." 


Since being involved in Iron Men of God, Kevin's relationship with God and with others has changed drastically. "As an individual, not growing up in the church, I've always felt confident in my relationship with God and being saved by God," Kevin said. "One of the areas that has really helped is once I got married, became a husband, and now a father, my relationship with God was still kind of my own."


One of the things Iron Men of God changed was Kevin's boldness and confidence of having more structure in how he and his family talked about God at home. "I have become more consistent in my quiet time," Kevin said. "It really has given me the confidence of what those spiritual disciplines are. I'm not perfect, but I do know how to get back on track through those disciplines. Iron Men of God has made me more confident and bold with my family and with others." 


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