Kenya's Grateful Hearts

Patti Locklear's Story of Meeting the Grateful Hearts of Kenya 


It's never too late to go on a mission trip. For Patti Locklear, this year's 2017 summer mission trip to Kenya was her very first mission trip. "I have always had a special place in my heart for kids," Patti said. "Every time I saw the Kenya trip, it tugged at my heart. So, my husband put down the deposit as my Christmas present!" From there, Patti's heart for children and especially the children of Kenya only continued to grow.  

A typical day on the Kenya mission trip was a very busy one. After breakfast, the team would leave the facility and have a morning time of ministry. They then did Vacation Bible School with the kids. "We had crafts, sang songs, and played with them on the playground," Patti said. "After that, we would go do ministry in the community, such as community outreach to the kids of Cornerstone Academy.In the evening, the team would go to the orphanage area and play in the courtyard with the children"After the children went to bed, we would have prayer with them," Patti said. "One of the little girls kept saying, 'Auntie, are you crying?!' It was just so touching and moving to pray over them." 

Patti was and still continues to be blown away by the impact that God continues to leave on the people of Kenya. However, she thinks that God has truly impacted her more. "I would say that their hearts are so grateful to the Lord," Patti said. "American's truly don't know what 'need' really is. I saw their daily lives and they were just so grateful all the time. 

This being her very first mission trip, Patti went with the expectation that God was going to do amazing work. However, she soon realized that when they arrived in Kenya, God was already at work there. "There were several salvations," Patti said. "I was not specifically involved in those, but I did show the gospel a lot."  

The place that impacted Patti the most was a refuge for abused and neglected children. Many children there would come from extremely abusive situations and there, Patti saw the great need the children have.   

"I remember one specific instance when I was sitting with a thirteen-year-old girl doing the bead bracelets with the salvation message," Patti said. "She asked me if she could sing in a song in Swahili to me." Patti could only make one word out of the song: Yahweh. "After she finished singing, I asked the girl what the song meant," Patti said. "She said, 'God hide me from my enemies'. I then started crying because I just thought to myself and wondered how many times has she had to sing that out to the Lord?"  

Patti prays for the children in Kenya constantly. She keeps Jeremiah 29:11 in her mind and prays it over the children. "God has a plan for their lives," Patti said. "It really does change your heart." Patti feels like there should be no hesitation when it comes to joining a mission trip. "Don't be afraid, just go!" Patti said. "A lot of people worried about our accommodations but don't be afraid. After being in Kenya, I really left a part of myself there. The people are so grateful towards us and also to God." Patti learned a lot about the Kenyans' dependence on the Lord. "In America, we really aren't always dependent on God," Patti said. "However, we absolutely should be." 


Naomi's Village Day 1

The theme verse for our trip is from the writings of the Apostle Paul, as he instructs the people in 2 Corinthians 5:20 to be an ambassador for Christ – to lead by your example and represent Jesus wherever you go.  It is our calling as believers in Christ, and it is our calling as an OnMission Trip Team to carry this calling to anyone and everyone we are encountering in Kenya.  We ask your prayers for us as we begin this journey together.
First of all, God answered so many prayer request for this trip already – safe travels, getting through customs with all the Christmas Gifts and donations for the kids and new sound system for Cornerstone Prep. Academy; to a safe journey through Nairobi until we arrived at Naomi’s Village for lunch.  God’s hand of grace has truly been extended to us already.  We are still in awe that we are in Kenya, Africa.  We have to pinch ourselves for sure at times.
Had the opportunity to meet Steve Sisler from Cornerstone Preparatory Academy today as we toured the school and learned the valuable and life changing vision Bob and Julie Mendonsa have for this area of the world.  This school is a true beacon for the entire community called the Rift Valley.  Its desire is to raise up the next generational leader in this area and change a generation one person and family at a time.  Tomorrow we will speak into the lives of every child as we lead in chapel time for them.  McKinley and I are leading music while Anna Grace, Heather and Patti share their testimony and the Gospel to the entire school.  Cannot wait to share with you tomorrow how that went!  Lives will be changed tomorrow for eternity.
Got to see all the Naomi’s Village kids tonight and hold, hug, kiss, wrestle, poke, laugh and smile with all of them!  What a joy it is to be here.  Chapata, Lintel Beans and veggies for dinner.  The mark of a true Kenyan!  We are definitely in Kenya, my friends!
All of us are somewhat jetlagged and going to bed really early – like 9pm here.  Our younger crew are still giggling, but us older and more seasoned group are calling it a night.  Thanks for reading and caring to pray for us.  Tomorrow begins our time to share Jesus with all of these amazing lives at Cornerstone.  Please join us in prayer!
Until then, have a great day – The OnMission Team at Cottonwood Creek Church

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