Recovery in Christ

Scott Neal's Story of Spiritual Healing Through Jesus


Spiritual healing can be a long process. The good news however is that if one believes in the salvation of Christ, they are not alone in their healing. Cottonwood Creek's Scott Neal is a thankful believer in Jesus who is still in the process of healing from the struggles of alcoholism, pornography addiction, and co-dependency. For many years, Scott has lived with these hardships. However, by the grace of God and by attending Celebrate Recovery at Cottonwood Creek, he has learned how to put God above his addictions.  


Scott grew up on a lake with a loving family. However, with lake life, came party culture. Scott's father was an alcoholic and his mother struggled with co-dependency. Scott had a boat at his disposal at all times, 60 feet away from his bedroom window. "I would boat anywhere and meet up with anyone," Scott said. "The parents would throw parties and the kids were to just be seen, not heard. We soon picked up on that behavior and by the time we were teenagers, we were doing the same thing, alcohol-wise."  


Scott began to abuse alcohol, as well as drinking and driving. By the time he was an adult, he was a very highly functioning alcoholic, just like his father.  


"The pornography piece came into play through access to elicit printed material," Scott said. "They were not hard to find in my household." During his college years was the beginning of the internet. "I discovered that and it all went from there," Scott said. "I eventually got married and thought that would fix it. After I accepted Christ, I thought I'd make improvement, but instead, the battle within me increased as the Spirit within me cared about my behavior." 


While Scott was struggling with his addictions, his wife's friend had invited her to a Bible study at Chase Oaks. The Bible study turned out to be Celebrate Recovery. "Celebrate Recovery is a safe place for us to work on our hurts, hang ups, and habits," Scott said. Scott's wife suggested that Scott give the class a try. "I started Celebrate Recovery at Chase Oaks around the same time that Ryan Koesel introduced the class at Cottonwood," Scott said. "The Chase Oaks one eventually shut down so I started coming to the one at Cottonwood." Scott made sure all of the materials from Chase Oaks were transferred over to Cottonwood Creek. 


During this time, Scott had been nominated at Cottonwood Creek to be a deacon. After joining Celebrate Recovery however, he knew he needed to get right with the Lord, put his spiritual healing first, and step down from the position. "I went to the leadership team and confessed to them," Scott said. "I told them that if they were looking for me, come to Celebrate Recovery."  


Throughout Celebrate Recovery, Scott has learned how to give his addictions to God. "It's easy to play church," Scott said. "It's easy to sit there and be in leadership and still live a compartmentalized life where you haven't given all of your behavior and your life to Christ. It's about where you place your moment by moment, thought by thought faith in. I'll be doing this the remainder of my life as the addictions brought on by the sinful nature will always be there with me." Scott places his moment by moment and thought by thought faith in Christ by utilizing the tools he's learned in Celebrate Recovery 


"Everyone has baggage, as we all have a sinful nature," Scott said. "Celebrate Recovery is a great way to come and learn how to let go of your baggage." When Scott accepted Christ, he did not expect the spiritual battle that began. "It was through Celebrate Recovery that I finally began to give my addictions over to God. I still have to daily, even more so, on a moment by moment and thought by thought basis. 


Scott believes that it is never too late to find serenity from hardships and addictions. "Take every thought and make it obedient to Christ," Scott said. "If I let even one thought dwindle, then suddenly I'm dwelling on that. When an image comes, I bounce my eyes off of it." Scott also recites scripture when he is faced with temptation. One verse that always encourages him is 2 Corinthians 10:4-5: 


"The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." 


Scott knows that he is able to defeat his addictions by using the spiritual gifts that God has given him through his faith in Jesus Christ. By the grace of God and the support he receives at Celebrate Recovery, Scott is undoubtedly on the path to spiritual healing from his addictions 


Celebrate Recovery, Mondays at 7p

Worship/Lesson or Testimony: 7p
Men and Women Open Share Groups: 7:30p
Solid Rock Cafe: 8:30p

For more information, please contact Ron Schrock


Battling With a Purpose

Julie Carlock's Story of Finding Her Purpose in Christ Throughout Her Battle With Cancer



Cancer is a life-altering journey that affects many lives. It comes in many different forms with different outcomes of each diagnosis. The month of October recognizes cancer awareness.

Listen to the story of Julie Carlock, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and through her battle, discovered that God still had a purpose for her. "I know mine was to help others... that's what God had done this for," Julie said. "I knew I just had to follow this journey and now be the blessing that He wants me to be." 

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. For those who have suffered or are suffering with any form of cancer, Cottonwood Creek Church wants you to know you are not alone. The Cancer Care Ministry at Cottonwood Creek seeks to provide Christ's love, support, hospitality, and listening ear that you deserve. The support that is offered is designed to help families navigate every phase of cancer and face the challenges associated with the diagnosis. Being part of a support group means you do not have to face cancer alone. Many of the individuals involved are cancer survivors and caregivers who understand firsthand what patients and their families go through. 

The Cancer Care Ministry meets the first Sunday of each month from 4:00p - 5:00p in B118. 

For more information, email .

Winners Through Faith

Mike Cekinovich's Story of Sharing the Gospel Within the Sports World 

Testimony Tuesday 9/26 - Mike Cekinovich from Cottonwood Creek Media on Vimeo.

There are many outlets to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Some of them are in the most unlikely of ways. Sports play a big role in today's culture and sometimes can be seen as an idol. Cottonwood Creek's Mike Cekinovich grew up playing sports and has found a way to instill the gospel while he plays, as well as teach others how to play with the mindset of Christ.  

Mike grew up in western Pennsylvania, but after the divorce of his parents at age 12, he moved down to Texas. After moving to Texas, Mike was blessed to meet a family who attended church and invited him to go with them. Soon after, at the age of 13, Mike accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. 

Mike has played sports for as long as he can remember. He played football, basketball, softball, and baseball for Richardson High School, as well as rec leagues, city leagues, and sports organizations.  

Mike first started getting involved with incorporating the gospel through sports when he started playing softball. "We would pray after each game and try to share a good word," Mike said. "It was always something encouraging." Mike then began getting involved in a sports reach ministry in prisons. Mike and his team would play softball with the inmates, and then after the game, share the gospel with them. "In a prison, you plant the seed and it's a one-time presentation," Mike said. "Some aren't getting out. So, we do our very best to let them know about the saving grace of Jesus."  

Mike usually waits until after the game to start sharing the gospel. "It's after the game where we get the opportunity to pray with the players," Mike said. "Whether you're using sports as a mission field or not, try to be Christlike while playing. Don't take it personally when you lose and be a light in a field that is most of the time so competitive." Mike also teaches players to encourage one another with uplifting words. "Lift up your fellow teammates with 'Nice hit!' or 'Good catch!' as opposed to 'Win, win, win.'" 

Mike believes that any sport can be used to incorporate the gospel. However, one of his favorite sports to use is football. Mike plays football with a group of younger men on Sunday afternoons. "At half time, I give them a pep talk," Mike said. "During that time, I'll utilize something from my job as a firefighter towards who Christ is, what an admirable relationship looks like with Him, and the importance of prayer." Mike will then draw comparisons of the game of football to a relationship with the Lord. "If you're playing football and you execute the plays, good things will happen," Mike said. "If you read the Bible and execute what we're taught, God blesses our lives."  

Through his sharing of the gospel, Mike uses different passages of the Bible to encourage others. If people want to talk about religion, he directs them to John 14:6: 

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 

If Mike shares with others about heaven, he turns to 1 John 5:11-12: 

And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life. 

For people who want to confess sin, Mike encourages them with 1 John 1:9: 

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 

Ultimately, Mike wants everyone that he shares with to always remember what Proverbs 3:5-6 says: 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. 

Whether it's sharing the gospel during a football game half time, or after a softball game, Mike's ultimate goal is to use the sports venue as a gospel presentation to others. "You will run into someone and see where their life is ten years later," Mike said. "It's amazing to see those who have followed Christ and made Him a priority. If we're trusting the Lord and following Him, He's going to direct our paths." 

Faces of Inspiration


One of the most exciting and inspirational parts of mission work is the people you get to encounter. It is amazing to learn about the impact God leaves in their lives, even if they are struggling or living in rough circumstances. Laura Tyler was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Kenya with Cottonwood Creek's mission team this summer and the people she met there truly touched her life.  

Laura first felt the call to ministry through missions when she was young. "I loved it and always wanted to be a part of it," Laura said. "I was involved in high school and early on in my marriage." After she became a mother, Laura kept looking for opportunities but being away for almost two weeks on a trip was something she couldn't do with young children.  

Six years ago was when Laura felt the prompting to go to Africa. She shared her thoughts with her husband, Keith. "At that time, my oldest daughter, McKinley, was in the sixth grade," Laura said. "She came up to me and said, 'Mom, I want to go on a mission trip and I want to go to Africa.' It was fun for me to hear that sweet confirmation that the Lord was doing the same thing in my daughter's heart that He was doing in mine." The fact that a mission trip to Africa was on McKinley's heart as well as her own made Laura want to do it even more.  

Laura began looking for opportunities but nothing felt right. Then, one morning in church, Bob and Julie Mendonsa of Naomi's Village spoke at Cottonwood Creek. "I started crying and knew this is where we needed to start," Laura said. "At that same moment, McKinley leaned over from four chairs away and whispered, 'Mom, we need to go!'"  

Initially, the Tylers were scheduled to go in the fall of 2013, however the trip was cancelled due to unrest and unsafe travel in the country at the time. Instead, they rescheduled for the following June. Since that first trip in 2014, Laura and the rest of her family hold a special place in their heart for Kenya. 

This summer, Laura and the team were blessed to meet many people with inspirational stories. Whether they personally knew God or not, it was evident that He was still working in their lives. "Most of the days, we were just loving, ministering, and meeting people wherever they were," Laura said. 

This year, the team delivered beds, writing desks, and solar lighting to families in need. With every visit to a family in need, Laura was touched by who she encountered. What was even more touching was the fact that she could already see God working within the families.  

One of the inspirational people Laura met was a woman named Grace. "She was a leader in Mwi’ Hangiri," Laura said. "Mwi’ Hangiri was a village whose people were put in an IDP camp after they were forced to leave because of political unrest in 2008. That year, many villages were attacked and abandoned and many lives were lost." The government issued tents for these IDP camps and declared that everyone was taken care of. This specific group of people from Mwi’ Hangiri were so far back off the main roads, nobody knew they were there. "They were discovered four years ago in plastic tattered tents and coverings that had been issued," Laura said. "Grace is a leader and true prayer warrior of that group."  

When Naomi's Village first discovered the people of Mwi’ Hangiri, the people said they needed a place to worship. Naomi's Village helped build a church for them and, over time, homes. "During this past trip, we were able to see that many families share a home or dwelling in a big rectangular concrete home," Laura said. "Grace shared her testimony and stories about God's faithfulness with us." One story Grace shared with the team was about the people not having food and fearing for their lives. "Someone gave them goats to provide, then the goats got stolen," Laura said. "It was story after story of difficulties but they remained so thankful." Grace said to the team, "The people in my own country do not come visit and you have come from across the world in the United States. You care and want to hear our story and show us your love." Laura was extremely moved by Grace's words and truly saw the importance of relationships for everyone, but especially for believers. 

Laura and the team had the chance to meet another incredible woman and hear her story. One particular afternoon, the team broke up into small groups and Laura's group was given the opportunity to visit a woman named Rachel who had four children. One of the children went to Cornerstone Prep, Naomi's Village's school for the community. "The Naomi's Village children go to Cornerstone, but children who show potential in the community can go there as well," Laura said. "Rachel didn't speak much English so we had a translator with us. Ultimately, the goal for us was to show her love and also deliver a bunk bed, writing desk, chair, and solar lighting." When Laura and her team showed up, they realized that Rachel's elderly mother was living with them as well. "The family had just been given a concrete dwelling to live in," Laura said. "Prior to that, they had been sleeping in the goat pen right outside." With no man involved, Rachel would go do day labor all day and leave her elderly mother at home. 

"At one point, I asked Rachel if she knew Jesus," Laura said. "She said she didn't and our hearts just sunk. So, I took a deep breath and at the moment, I heard an audible voice that said 'bracelet, bracelet, bracelet!'" Laura looked down at her wrist and saw that she was wearing her gospel bead bracelet that they had made with the children from Cornerstone four days prior. "I asked if I could share the gospel with Rachel," Laura said. "The translator said I could." Laura asked Rachel if she had seen the bracelet before and she said her daughter had brought one home from school the week before. "I said to Rachel, 'I would love to share a beautiful story with you and the bracelet helps me do that,'" Laura said. "I walked through each bead and at the end, I just left it with the hope we have in Christ. I explained to her that when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and trust in Him, we have this hope that surpasses our daily struggles, wants, and needs." Laura didn't necessarily do anything big, she just shared the story.  

Rachel started talking to the translator, smiled big, and said she wanted to accept Jesus. Laura and the team were overjoyed. Laura put the bracelet on Rachel's wrist and they all huddled together and prayed. "It was such a sweet moment and it all just started with showing up and meeting a physical need," Laura said. "We couldn't have planned that."  

Laura also got to reconnect with a little boy she had met on a previous trip. The Tylers had met him before and since that initial meeting, they had been in constant prayer for him. "God brought this boy into our hearts," Laura said. "He prompted our hearts to love this little boy. I can't even begin to explain the relationship established with him just through prayer." Laura felt such a burden and connection for this child, that she really had to talk herself down at first. "He's seen so many people who ultimately mean nothing to him," Laura said. "So, there was a chance that even with our prayers and thoughts of him for the past year, it wouldn't mean anything to him. Walking in, however, and seeing the bond he had with us that God had established through faithful prayer was such a blessing."  

The inspiring people Laura met made a completely lasting impact on her life. Her hope is that more of the Cottonwood Creek family will get to meet people just like the ones she met. Laura encourages everyone to just go. "Whether it's Kenya, Dominican Republic, or Rio Grande Valley, just go," Laura said. "It's easy for us to know God and know of Him here in America where we have so much privilege, freedom and opportunities. However, going elsewhere has opened my eyes wide to the power of God."  

Hope for Houston

An Update On How Cottonwood Creek Has Reached Out to the Houston Area Since Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey Update from Cottonwood Creek Media on Vimeo.

In late August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston, Texas and its surrounding cities. The hurricane caused many deaths and left many homeless. According to the director of FEMA, Harvey is probably the worst disaster that Texas has ever seen.  

Cottonwood Creek Church has eagerly stepped up to help those in the Houston area during these desperate times. So far, two shipments of supplies and materials have been sent to Houston.  

The first shipment was a partnership with Collin Baptist Association and Parkway Hills Baptist Church in Plano. A truck was sent with ten pallets of goods, such as diapers, water bottles, and other items that Cottonwood Creek has been collecting. Those items were then delivered to Second Houston.  

The second truck was sent with six pallets of materials in partnership with Engaged Partners which was sent through Manna Worldwide. Ryan Jones took an 18-wheeler and 4 different churches filled it with supplies. They then went to Houston North West.   

Cottonwood Creek has provided different opportunities to reach out and help those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. While the Cottonwood family looks forward to going down to serve, there are other ways for those to help out that are unable to go, through prayer, donating, and giving items 

Text HURRICANE to 77978 for updates on how Cottonwood Creek continues to support the Hurricane Harvey victims, as well as get first word on trips to Houston that will be planned.


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