First Sunday of the month, 12:00 p - 12:30 p, Room: The Atrium

Location: Cottonwood Creek, 1015 Sam Rayburn Tollway, Allen, TX US 75013

Contact: Shelly Mendel, , 972.359.7777 x5036

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Outreach Opportunity

This is a church-wide initiative to share the love of Christ and to connect visitors and new move-ins to our church. REACH is an incredible opportunity to serve with your family! We do REACH through our Life Groups, which provide gospel centered community. To learn more about or become involved in REACH, please visit a Life Group@Church or a Life Group@Home


What happens after you make your visit?

There is no better invite for a family to this church than a person knocking on the door and telling them how Cottonwood Creek is working in the life of their family. We need the information you collected in order to get these families plugged in. Please let us know about your visit by filling out the form. Reach Contact Made Form


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