Ministry Academy Student Application



Are you a member of Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church? *

On average, how many times per month do you attend church services or events?*

How many times in the past 12 months have you shared the gospel with someone through a personal conversation?*

Select the option that best applies to you: *

If applicable.

Is your spouse a member of Cottonwood Creek?

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Does your spouse attend church regularly? Select the answer that best applies.

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Do you have children? *

Seminary: Up to 18 hours of seminary credit.

Discipleship: Open to everyone!

Which path are you planning on pursuing?*

The Cottonwood Creek Ministry Academy will require a significant time commitment on the part of each student. Students will be expected to attend class meetings on Sunday evening with minimal absences, stay up-to-date with assigned readings, and complete other class assignments. This will require dedication on the part of the student, but also on the part of the student’s family. In light of this, each prospective student is expected to discuss the list of student expectations and requirements (attached to the end of this application) with their spouse. Both applicants and their spouses must sign below, attesting that they have discussed the program requirements, and that the whole family is on-board with assuming this commitment for further spiritual growth.   

I understand the expectations of the Ministry Academy and have discussed them with my spouse. Our family is prepared to assume this commitment to spiritual growth.

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