2018 Mission of the Months


february: cancer support ministry

first sunday of the month, 7:00p - 8:00p
Blankets, Survivor Lunch, and Cancer Support Ministry

Cottonwood Creek Cancer Care Ministry seeks to offer God’s hope and love through spiritual, emotional, and practical support for cancer patients and their families facing the challenges associated with every type of cancer.

We feel the need is that we recognize that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. The support we offer is designed to help families navigate every phase of cancer and face the challenges associated with the diagnosis. Being part of a support group means you do not have to face cancer alone. Many of the individuals involved are cancer survivors and caregivers who understand firsthand what patients and their families go through.

The Cancer Support Ministry meets on the first Sunday of the month in Game Plan Center at 7:00p.


march: ignite week

saturday, march 17-saturday, march 24
Ignite Week

IGNITE Week 2017 was a huge success!  Over 500 Cottonwood Creek volunteers cared for our community by serving with 22 local organizations and ministries.  We ministered to the homeless, fatherless, impoverished, disabled, immigrants, and children. Let’s make it happen again in 2018!

We have so many opportunities to serve our community going forward!  We want to IGNITE you to continue showing the love of Christ in your community by getting plugged into a local ministry. 

Ignite Week Opportunities  


April: engage 

all month long
Connecting Church to the World

A month long focus through our Life Groups to reach-out to and encourage our Missionary Partners in the Engage Ministry. We will be encouraging care packages, cards, and other contacts appropriate for each missionaries location. Church-wide, information on our ministry partners will be provided at the Mission Wall all month long.


May: vacation bible school 

monday, june 11 - thursday, june 14
Vacation Bible School Needs

We will be encouraging volunteer sign-ups all month long and promoting any VBS needs through Life Groups.

Learn More about VBS!


June: Children's hunger fund

all month long
Boxes for Children's Hunger Fund

Church wide focus on filling and sending boxes filled with food items to needy children in the Rio Grande and other locations. We partner with Children’s Hunger Fund to make this happen. Food is collected and people send a $5 shipping fund along with the collected items. Boxes will be made available at the back of the Worship Atrium and Mission Wall. Collection at the Mission Wall all month long.


july: compassion international

sunday, july 8
Compassion International Packets

Compassion International will be on campus with a special guest speaker/worship leader. Several hundred child packets will be made available for individual sponsorship. We will try and focus on areas we minister to during Mission trips and urgent needs. This will be a one day focus.


More months and info coming soon!

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