2018 Mission of the Months


december: coat and new shoes drive/angel tree

all month long
Operation Care Dallas

Cottonwood Creek is partnering with Operation Care Dallas to support their ministry to the homeless by providing new/gently used coats and new shoes to families in Dallas. Donation boxes will be located at the On Mission wall. Donations will be accepted through December 9, 2018. 

If you are interested in serving with Operation Care Dallas, they are now accepting volunteers for their December 15, 2018 mission in downtown Dallas. Click the link below for more information!

Operation Care Dallas


Angel Tree

Come and help make Christmas special for the families of Vega Elementary! During The Gift weekend in November, the Cottonwood Family collected Christmas presents for families in need in our local community. Each of those gifts will be wrapped with each family member from Vega from Vega, which will be a great opportunity for meeting and caring personally for these families. Bring your whole family to help out with wrapping! 

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january: welcome packets and popcorn

All Month Long

Help welcome new families to the area with welcome packets and popcorn! During January, you'll have the opportunity to serve the local community by helping prepare welcome packets and popcorn bags to pass out to those new to the area and to Cottonwood Creek. This small act of kindness can show the love of Christ is a very practical way!


February: Cancer Blankets

All Month Long
Cancer Blankets

During the month of February, Cottonwood Creek will be collecting blankets for the Cancer Care Ministry. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis, there are a lot of hard days and stressful situations ahead. By making and providing blankets to those cancer patients, you provide a small piece of comfort, but more importantly a constant reminder that there are people praying over them. 


March: GoLocal month

All Month Long

March is GoLocal month! Every Life Group and Home Group are encourage to go out and serve in the local community. Serving together not only benefits those who you serve, but it also builds a strong sense of community among the members of your group. 


April: Children's hunger fund

All Month Long
CHF Donations

During the month of April, On Mission at Cottonwood Creek will be collecting donations for Children's Hunger Fund. Children's Hunger Fund exists to bring hope to hungry children and families across the world. By equipping the local church to participate, they give an exciting opportunity for you to impact those families just by getting involved!


May: month of prayer

All Month Long

The world needs prayer warriors now more than ever. Be a part of May's mission, from anywhere you may be! During this month of prayer, you'll be reminded to pray over your family, those around you, your church, your country, and the world. God hears each and every prayer offered in His name, so let's impact the world with His name!


More months and info coming soon!

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