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Sermon on the Mount - Part 7

Sermon on the Mount - Part 7

Series: Sermon on the Mount

Category: Midweek

Passage: Matthew 5:31-32

Speaker: Caleb Beets

Tags: bible, divorce, marriage, midweek, sermon on the mount, sex, study, worship

Of the 10 things we covered which one/ones do you need to work on the most in your marriage?

  1. Getting in for the wrong reasons.
  2. Lack of individual identity
  3. Becoming lost in the roles
  4. Not having a shared vision of success
  5. The intimacy disappears
  6. Unmet expectations
  7. Finances
  8. Being out of touch…Literally
  9. Different priorities and interests
  10. Inability to resolve conflicts 

What are you going to do this week to allow God to begin to change these things?

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