Pastor John Mark has faithfully led Cottonwood Creek Church for the past 23 years, following God's leading and vision to be a light in the community. His immense impact has had profound effects on the Cottonwood Family, seeing incredible work happen from small beginnings in Fairview to here now in Allen. Anyone who knows him can see his heart for Jesus and for those around him. 

To celebrate the last 23 years, here is a list of 10 things you may or may not know about Pastor John Mark. 

  • Typically, John Mark will function on only 5 hours of sleep per day.
  • Did you know John Mark is a cat person? He is!
  • He can read something once and have it memorized.
  • He always has 20 things on a to do list each day. He only sits down when he is on the computer.
  • He is NOT a morning person! 
  • He loves to be out on the boat on the lake.
  • He is a volunteer chaplain with the Allen Police Department. 
  • He has written and completed 3 different books: Navigating Life's Journey, Marriage Meltdown, and a doctrine book to be released in 2018. 
  • He serves on the financial planning committee at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • John Mark is very proud of his family and of the church. He tells his wife Jeana every day how proud he is of her, and ends conversations with their kids with the same way. He also shares the success of Cottonwood Creek and its staff with excitement and as often as he can. 

The next time you see Pastor John Mark, be sure to tell him how thankful you are for him! 

Pastor - Thank you for your leadership, wisdom, and being a light in our community. 

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