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Tinsae Beyene's Story of Finding Christ Through the Young Adult Ministry

People come to know Christ in all kinds of ways. For Tinsae Beyene, a current member of the Internship at Cottonwood Creek, she came to have a personal relationship with Christ through meeting the Young Adult Ministry. Through the people she met, she came to find that God has an amazing plan for her life.  


Tinsae grew up in Murphy, Texas. Her family went to church, but Tinsae lacked a relationship with Christ. “I didn’t really pay attention or care,” Tinsae said. “I never bothered. If anything, I honestly hated going to church every single Sunday. I didn’t feel welcomed in the church.” Altogether, Tinsae went to church just to please her parents. 


In 7th grade, Tinsae hit what she referred to as rock bottom. She completely dreaded the idea of church. “I was placed in praise and worship, but didn’t understand what I was singing about,” Tinsae said. “I was doing it because I felt like I needed my parents off my back.”  


Once Tinsae began her first year of college, things started to look differently for her. One day before class at Collin College, Tinsae met Hunter Ballew, Hailey Hadden, and the rest of the Young Adult Ministry Team. The team was there during a club fair.  


“I had spilled a macchiato on my shirt,” Tinsae said. “The thing is, they were giving out free shirts if you went to fill out information for six different clubs.”  


Tinsae went to every single club and the last one she approached was the Young Adults Ministry’s booth. “Hunter started talking me and invited me to their events,” Tinsae said. “They were really nice and so I took a flyer. I got my shirt and left.”  


Tinsae’s friend strongly encouraged her to go to the first event. After some persuading, Tinsae and her friend went to the first fall kick-off event. 


When the girls walked into the event, Brady Tucker noticed Tinsae and instantly said, “Hey, Tinsae!” Tinsae was so excited to realize that he had remembered her name. “For me, when you remember my name, that means you’ve got respect for me,” Tinsae said. “I usually tell someone my name and within 15 minutes, they have forgotten. I was astonished by it.” 


Tinsae and Brady quickly started a conversation. When the topic of God came up, Tinsae let him know that she didn’t want to go through that kind of heart ache again. “Brady told me that not everyone is like that,” Tinsae said. “He said, ‘No one here is going to judge you.’”  


Tinsae and Brady continued to talk about faith and Brady invited Tinsae to attend Home Group on Tuesday nights. However, Tinsae still felt doubtful but and her friend went to Home Group and she instantly saw just how authentic everyone was. 


 “Nobody was plastic,” Tinsae said. “Everyone was just so real, welcoming, and loving. I liked it a lot so I started coming more often. They also never changed; they remained to be the same kind of people.” 


Tinsae started her walk with Christ alongside the Young Adults Ministry team, with attending Home Groups, accountability time, and spending as much time as she could with everyone.  


One Sunday, Tinsae attended an evangelism class. It was there that Karah Ballew taught Tinsae how to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior.  


“After that, I felt like a weight had lifted off of me,” Tinsae said. “It felt so good. Growing in Christ is no walk in the park, but it’s been worth it.”  

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