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Rex Hise's Story of Finding Christ Later in Life

For those who do not grow up in a Christian home, it can be very difficult later in life to come to Christ. Rex Hise, a member of Cottonwood Creek Church, grew up without a relationship with the Lord. However, through a time in his life when he was very much in need of a Savior, he came to know Christ and accepted Him as an adult, at the age of 66. Since then, he has been a faithful follower through and through. 


Growing up in a non-Christian home, Rex grew up with a negative view of Christ followers. "My family looked down on Christians," Rex said. "They thought most of them were hypocritical. And I later learned that if you don't have that faith-based foundation at home, it is much harder later on in life and less older people find Christ.” 


Rex didn't have peace of mind. He was restless and was not at peace with himself. He spent a lot of time worrying about his business, finances, and life's complications. 


Rex's relationship with Jesus Christ began at Celebrate Recovery at Cottonwood Creek Church. Once attending the class, he realized that he did not have to be perfect to be a Christian. At the same time, his wife, Anne who was already a Christian, was attending a Life Group. When Rex learned that Anne's Life Group had been praying for him to come to know the Lord, he knew he needed to visit the church. 


Rex first visited a Cottonwood Creek Church service on Easter of 2016. "I had been to a church before," Rex said. "However something about Cottonwood Creek Church was special to me. I really connected with Pastor John Mark on stage. The connection he had with the congregation was great and it felt like he was talking to me on a very personal level." 


Rex then learned that Pastor John Mark led a Tuesday morning Bible study. Going to that early morning Bible study was a big step for him. He went to the Bible study that following week and really enjoyed it. 


Rex eagerly attended service again the following Sunday. "Not long after that, at my third Tuesday morning Bible study, Pastor John Mark said, 'If you haven't found Christ, open your heart and He will accept you,'" Rex said. "The amazing thing about it was I wasn't looking for Christ but sitting in Pastor John Mark's class, I opened my heart and literally the spirit of Christ came into my soul." Rex left the Bible study that day with tears in his eyes and the greatest peace of mind. 


Since accepting Christ, Rex's life has changed immensely for the better. Two weeks after being saved, he was baptized. Two weeks after that, he became a member of Cottonwood Creek Church. 


"I attend church every Sunday and four separate Life Groups during the week," Rex said. "I have a born-again relationship with my wife and family. If you ask one of my family members the difference in me, they would say in what I do and the way I respond to people. I am much more grounded in knowing that Christ is first and then everything else comes after that." 


Besides consistent encouragement from his wife and family, Rex receives encouragement from his church family. The Bible also greatly encourages Rex in his walk with the Lord. "He keeps His word because He is God, not because we are good," Rex said. "If Jesus was at your door and said, 'Follow Me,' what would you do? He is so much greater than anything we will ever face in this world." 


Pastor John Mark’s Men’s Bible Study is at 6:00a on Tuesday mornings in A234. Visit: for more information. 

Celebrate Recovery meets on Mondays at 7:00p in A234. For more information about Celebrate Recovery, visit: 

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