Brady Tucker: Young Adult/College Intern



What did your life use to look like that would relate most to the non-Christian? 

For me, before Christ, there was not a whole lot of purpose and I didn't have any meaning in my day to day. I had a "let's just get through today and get through tomorrow" mindsetI didn't have a sense of purpose, and had a lot of unhappiness and sadness. I didn't see the point in each day and each moment and in my existence in general. I found myself in a lot of situations that I shouldn't have been in.  

What did you rely on the most before accepting Christ? Where did your security and happiness come from? 

I'm not sure what I relied on the most, but probably just the confidence in my culture. I just relied on our collective intelligence and our understanding of life. There wasn't a whole lot of security or happiness in that though. I was very insecure and really unhappy. Nothing filled that void for me in my life before Christ.  

When was the first time you heard the gospel and was exposed to dynamic Christianity? What were your initial reactions? 

I've been going to church since I was a kid, so a young age. The first time it really made sense to me was in high school at camp. I just realized that there is a lot more than just going to church on Sunday. I had a lot of different feelings. 

When did you feel the Lord reveal Himself to you and begin to turn your attitude around? 

It happened in my early years of college. I was in a discipleship program at my university and it was just daily and weekly conversations about Christ. It was in those moments that I allowed God to start working in and transforming me. 

What are some specific changes that Christ has made in your life? 

My general outlook on life has changed. I used to be very pessimistic on life and it's now really changed with Christ giving me value and purpose. He's infinite and He's good and that has given me value. Life changes as well, such as addictions and a lot of the ways that I used to live my lifestyle. I have more discipline.  

Is there a Bible verse that you hold near to your heart that encourages you of Christ’s impact in your life? 

"He must become greater; I must become less." John 3:30. It's been very consistent. That always needs to be on my mind in following Christ. It's given me purpose. 

In what parts of your life do you pray for the Lord to continue to work in? 

Consistently, it's been selfishness. Seeing what Christ has done in my life has shown me what humility is. 

If you could go back and talk to your former self before accepting Christ, what would you tell yourself? 

Stick with it. Following Christ has been incredibly difficult in different seasons but in all those good and bad seasons, just continue to stick with it and be obedient.  

How do you go about approaching non-Christians and telling them about the Lord? 

My professor from a class used, "Seek first to understand before you earn the right to be understood." I do minimal talking in the beginning and just hear where they're at and just listen to their complaints with God and struggles in faith. I then earn their respect and become friends. Then they value my response more and I can have a conversation with them.  

Who are three people connected with your testimony? Why have they been such an influence in your life connecting to your testimony? 

My youth pastor. He always was quick to show grace and love to me in seasons I didn't see any good in myself. He had a great source of wisdom and he was always able to work through the challenges of the faith I had. 

Francis ChanI listened to him on the drive from Dallas to Houston. He specifically opened my mind and my imagination to the infiniteness of God and how there's more to following Christ than what we often hear preached. He's very blunt, honest, and challenging and showed me a God that I wanted to know. 

My current mentor. He's one of the most interesting guys I've met. His intentionality on meeting with me, checking in on me, and he has joy like I haven't seen before. He's taken me under his wing.  

Since accepting Christ, how have you been an influence on others around you? 

Working with this internship has been a big thing. YesterdayHunter called me and encouraged me for partnering with him and stepping in. Working alongside him has been really great and beneficial for both of us. That's from seeing in how we interact with college age and other young adults.  

What initially called you to serve at Cottonwood Creek? 

I met Hunter Ballew at DBU four years ago. Our friendship continued and I was approaching graduation and wanted to get more involved in ministry. I was trying to figure out where God wanted me and Hunter told me about his need for the young adult ministry.  

What called you to serve in the specific ministry that you're currently in? 

It helps that I am a young adult. Most people I work with are my ageIt's a perfect fit in my mind because I’m learning just as much from everyone as I'm supposed to be teaching. I'm just enjoying this age group because people are quick to be friends and I enjoy the moments together.  

What have you learned so far from this internship? What do you hope to gain out of it? 

I've learned that you have to be patient in ministry. Just where our ministry is at currently, there is a lot of waiting and change and moments where you could be quick to give up or get frustrated, but you keep trusting the Lord that it'll work out in His time.  

I would hope to better figure out what God's plan is for me in ministry, whether that's stay in this age group, work in another part of the church, or even outside of the church.  

How have you been able to express your spiritual gifts during this internship? 

One of them is counseling. There's been moments already where I've been able to talk with college students or young adults and hear where they're at and just be able to listen and share with them what the Bible speaks to that.  

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