Rachel Jones: Communications Intern


What did your life use to look like that would relate most to the non-Christian? 
I went through a rough patch spiritually, not being super close with God. I took having Him for granted in a way. I worried a lot about life, what people thought, and what the future held.

What did you rely on the most before accepting Christ? Where did your security and happiness come from?  
Love from others and other people's approval. 

When was the first time you heard the gospel and was exposed to dynamic Christianity? What were your initial reactions? 
I can't remember the first time, but I basically grew up with it. I thought it was cool, "thanks Jesus", but didn't really take it to heart.  

When did you feel the Lord reveal Himself to you and begin to turn your attitude around? 
There were two times: the first was when I went to youth camp senior year. I learned to live my life more for Him and less for myself. The other time was in college, about ¾ through the semester, I had the "taking God for granted" mindset and was doubting God. I was worried about the world and life in general, but talking about it with people, as well as going to a beach retreat with a campus ministry, and attending my church in Auburn combined rekindled that flame and truly understood more about the realness of God.  

What are some specific changes that Christ has made in your life? 
I now really just want to show His love to others. I want to build communities with other Christians and show what God is to non believers 

Is there a Bible verse that you hold near to your heart that encourages you of Christ’s impact in your life? 

"He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end." Ecclesiastes 3:11 – I like it because it's a good reminder that God has a plan, even though we don't always know what it could be. 

In what parts of your life do you pray for the Lord to continue to work in? 
Not worrying about things, showing kindness to others, and not being bothered if someone is unkind to me. 

If you could go back and talk to your former self before accepting Christ, what would you tell yourself? 
God is so great. The devil is going to make you doubt Him and make you think the world is more important than eternity, but always remember God is greater. 

How do you go about approaching non-Christians and telling them about the Lord? 
Build a relationship with them... give it time. Show them kindness. And then start talking, invite them to church. From there, God's light will shine through.  

Who are three people connected with your testimony? Why have they been such an influence in your life connecting to your testimony? 
My mom and dad because they show God's unconditional love. They always show me forgiveness. Also, my boyfriend because he supported me throughout my doubt and worries and he was a good reminder that God is there. 

Since accepting Christ, how have you been an influence on others around you? 
I'd like to think that I'm welcoming to people and good at bringing people together. I try to show everyone respect and love because everyone is important. I also try to not let anyone say anything bad about anyone else.  

What initially called you to serve at Cottonwood Creek? 
It felt right. All the other options were closed doors and this one opened. I knew I'd be helping Jesus and still doing what I love. It's a good time investment to help the church.  

What called you to serve in the specific ministry that you're currently in? 
I'm studying marketing, so this internship pertains to my major. God was definitely directing me this way.  

What have you learned so far from this internship? What do you hope to gain out of it? 
How much thought goes into everything in a church, a lot of prayer and time that goes into everything they do. I hope to gain a stronger relationship with God and also a good community, and get to know the people that work here.  

How have you been able to express your spiritual gifts during this internship? 
I would say I've been able to express my creativity and encouragement. I enjoy doing the social media work and being around others! 


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