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Mission trips don’t have to always be international. Some can be in your own state! This summer, an On Mission team from Cottonwood Creek traveled south to McAllen, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. There, they served the community with helping with construction projects, putting together Vacation Bible School for the kids, and introducing many to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

While in the Rio Grande Valley, the team did not let the extreme heat hold them back from doing what needed to be done. The Cekinovich family of Cottonwood Creek had the privilege of going on the trip together.  

“When you get to go to the Rio Grande, you have to be open to what the week holds,” Mike said. “This particular year, we went down to do some different things but they had flooding.” 

Due to these circumstances, one group from the team went out and helped with flood repair. Another group got to work and serve with the local church. One of their duties was to revitalize a local park.  

“That was pretty cool because we went into this blank grounded park with weeds and the playground itself was old and beat up,” Mike said. 

Mike’s son, Kyle, greatly enjoyed getting to spend time and minister to the kids he met down in the Rio Grande.  

“During VBS with the kids, we played, learned the Gospel, and did crafts,” Kyle said. “Bree Landers taught the lesson and the kids would circle around and listen to her talk about the Gospel.” 

While they were in the Rio Grande Valley, the team had the chance to meet so many new faces. One boy in particular named Anthony stood out to Kyle.  

“He was the sweetest thing,” Kyle said. “He would always laugh and was always happy.” 

Anthony grew up in a Catholic home, however the family had not been actively attending a church. Anthony was interested in going to VBS, and he eventually ended up encouraging the rest of his family to go back to church. 

Mike had the chance to connect with Anthony’s father, Robert through a conversation about the Gospel. Robert was religious, but didn’t know about the saving relationship one can have with Jesus.  

“I got to talk to him about reading the Bible and how important it is,” Mike said. “I also got to tell him about how important it is to pray and making Sunday mornings a priority. I think through that week of being available and committing a week to sharing the Gospel, God really shows up. You invest in that week, but when the Holy Spirit touches your heart to talk to somebody and they accept, what a joy!” 

The Cekinovich family and the rest of the On Mission team had an unforgettable time in the Rio Grande Valley, through serving the Lord and spending time with each other. Through this trip, the team got to see so many learn about Jesus and grow from it.  

“It’s always a highlight of our summer, when we get to go on a mission trip,” Mike said. ”At the end when we ask our kids what their favorite part of the summer was, they always say our mission trip.”  


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