A brick wall of despair and financial burdens nearly separated Scott and Linda Elliot in the early years of their marriage. Circumstances beyond their control and poor financial decisions left the young couple emotionally, spiritually and financially bankrupt. The Elliot’s found healing in their relationship when and where they least expected it.

“We argued a lot during those years,” Linda said. “Every argument was a brick. Every brick built a wall that eventually drove us a part.”

As leaders in their church, Scott and Linda kept their situation a secret and this put a strain on their marriage. Afraid of how this was affecting their three daughters, Linda began looking for ways to solve their problem. The way of the world said that getting a divorce was the only way to protect their children. Instead of following that path Linda began praying for God’s solution.

“We had too much pride to ask for help,” Linda said. “We had too much pride to admit that we needed help. Of course we had to keep up that facade that we were that perfect family.”

Scott began retreating from the situation by working longer hours. When a group called Life Action Ministries came to their church for a ten day revival, Scott and Linda looked at each other and said there was no way that they were going to go in their current condition. They promised each other that they would go to the first evening just to show everyone how fine they were.

“We turned to each other that night and looked at each other and said ‘Will you forgive me?’” Linda said. “We also went to God and asked for forgiveness for many things, some of which were anger, pride, resentment, and disobedience. He was faithful to forgive us and at that moment, the wall that we had built literally dissolved and we began to heal.”

Even though the forgiveness was instant, the Elliot’s were on a long path of healing and rebuilding. God did not take away the consequences. It took years, but through God’s faithfulness they were able to rebuild their marriage and finances. Scott stepped up and became the spiritual head of our household and it changed the dynamic of the household for good. This was important for the ongoing health of their marriage.

“We didn’t see necessarily a church-wide revival and honestly we don’t know of anyone else that was helped,” Scott said. “It may have been that that entire event was just for one couple in trouble who were short on time and hope.”

Scott and Linda have been married for 31 years and credit God with turning their floundering marriage into a fantastic marriage. When it seemed like there was nowhere to turn and all hope was gone, Scott and Linda cried out for forgiveness and guidance. It was a long road of transformation, but their relational health has been restored.

“Although you may think the problems that you are struggling with are unique and that no one else is facing those problems,” Scott said. “That is absolutely not true. That is a lie straight from Satan meant to isolate you and to destroy your hope. As long as God is on His thrown, there is always hope.”


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