Kelly Kitch's Story of Seeing Lives Change Through Children's Hunger Fund in the Rio Grande Valley 

It is always inspiring and exciting to see who and what God will use to bring people over to Him. This May, Cottonwood Creek's Mission of the Month was to pack Food Paks for Children's Hunger Fund to deliver and distribute to families in the Rio Grande Valley. A month later, 28 people from Cottonwood Creek ventured to the south Texas region. Kelly Kitch is just one of the many people who had the opportunity to visit the Rio Grande Valley and she was amazed at how many lives she saw be changed.  

Kelly was initially prompted to join the Rio Grande Valley mission trip by an internship requirement for Dallas Theological Seminary. She could have chosen any other trip to go on but she decided to go to the Rio Grande Valley specifically because it had a family focus. 

On a typical day, the construction team and sports team would leave for their duties. After lunch, everyone served in different areas. Early in the week, they organized the food in the warehouse. The following days, they worked at the market, where the food they organized on Monday was displayed. In the evening after dinner, the team would leave for Vacation Bible School at Heritage Baptist Church until it was time to return for the night.  

One of the things that excited Kelly the most was seeing the process of the Food Paks from beginning to end. Life Groups packed the boxes and dropped them off at Cottonwood Creek. The Paks were then shipped to the Rio Grande Valley. The churches involved used the Paks for their ministry by taking them to families in need and ministering to them. "For seven weeks, out of one little neighborhood, families met in a single wide trailer," Kelly said. "During that one day a week for seven weeks, sixteen families met. There, they did a Bible story or lesson, and then afterwards, they would leave with their box of food." 

At the end of the seven weeks, the families were then invited to church. From there, 40 families came to faith, alive for the Lord, as well as started consistently coming to church. "One family lived around the corner from Melody Lane," Kelly said. "It was very eye opening for my kids to see how close they were to people who lived in that kind of situation." Despite the tough conditions, the mother of the family took her family to church after the first week. "Her fifteen year old daughter was severely depressed," Kelly said. "After seven weeks, she was healed from it. Despite their home and situation, the mother was glowing." The mother then  went on to deliver food from the Food Paks to her neighbors, declaring the gospel to them. 

Another couple of single ladies who came from Mexico had a prayer session every morning. "They were very faithful to it," Kelly said. "They were new believers. Most people there come from a Catholic background, but they were very devoted to their prayer sessions." 

Not only are the families touched by the Children's Hunger Fund, but the ministers in the area are as well. "One minister only spoke Spanish," Kelly said. "She thanked me and our church over and over. They have nothing there and she said she was praying for blessing on our people because food boxes provide her to share the gospel. The ministers are deeply grateful. These boxes are their tickets into the families' lives to come together and learn about Christ. She kept saying how glad she was that we had given her a ministry. She said she could not do this without the food boxes." 

Kelly and the rest of her team felt overwhelmed by seeing the work of God. "It is a moving, thriving ministry," Kelly said. "These people are in these horrible situations and they just kept saying 'bless your people' and thanking us for our ministry. On both sides, you have people praising the provision of this food. To pack it, see it at the market, and see it make its round was very cool." 

Kelly hopes that Cottonwood Creek will continue to partner with Children's Hunger Fund in the future to impact the lives of so many families. "It's not just a box of food," Kelly said. "It is a direct path for the gospel to be shared to people in very desperate situations. We think we see poor here but there is no comparison."  

Kelly feels especially grateful that her young daughters were able to see the work of the Lord firsthand in the Rio Grande Valley. "My girls didn't understand it until they saw it with their own eyes," Kelly said. "The people there are extremely gracious and thankful for a box of food. Over all, the trip is a great opportunity and very impactful."

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