Cultural Groups at Cottonwood Creek

Collin County is experiencing unprecedented growth, and people are coming to this area not only from American cultural backgrounds but from the rich and diverse cultures of the world.  Cottonwood Creek Cultural Groups Ministry is a warm and welcoming ministry for those who desire a small group a Cottonwood Creek Church that fits their cultural background.  Currently, we have groups for... 

  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Chinese/Korean
  • African
  • Indian Subcontinent
  • More coming soon!

If you would like more information on getting involved in a Culture Group at Cottonwood Creek, please email the Connections Minister, Will Chapman.

You can also join the discussion on the Cultural Groups Facebook group! Click here for more info!


Cultural Group Connectors

Reuben David

A former Visiting Scholar with The Wilberforce Forum, the Christian worldview think tank founded by late Charles Colson, Reuben David has spoken in India and America. He has addressed media and religious groups. Born and raised in India—home to Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism—Reuben is well versed in the practical realities of comparative religions today.

His first-hand knowledge of religions, cults, and the competing philosophies and ideologies of our day has made him a popular lecturer and seminar leader with university students and adult audiences alike. 

Mr. David holds masters’ degrees in mass media, psychology, and religion from Regent University in Alexandria, Virginia, and from Bangalore University in India. A former professor of journalism at the North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he speaks worldwide on spiritual issues and currently divides his time between India and America.

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