launching a lifegroup


Do you feel called to launch a new LifeGroup? Not sure where to start? Read through the five steps below, then fill out the new LifeGroup registration form!


The Lord calls us into fellowship and community with one another, and we are so happy you are interested in pursuing starting a LifeGroup where that can happen! As you move toward the process of launching a new LifeGroup, our hope is that you would spend time reading through these five steps, as well as spend time praying and staying in conversation with God as you consider this decision.

1. Find a Co-Leader

2. Choose a Time & Location

3. Gather Your Group

4. Review Curriculum

5. Launch!

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”


Step one: Find a co-leader

find a friend

Think of one of your friends who also loves the Lord, and ask if they would be willing to co-host a group with you.

Step two: Logistics

choose a time

Talk with your co-host about scheduling to make sure it's a day and time that works best for you.

choose a location

Decide where your group will meet: the church, a house, apartment or public space.

think through childcare

Contact Sloan Stephenson to talk about options.

Step three: gather your group

Create a list

Create a list with your co-host of people you would like to invite. Life Groups can consist of you and three friends This list can be people you know at church, co-workers, neighbors, and others you think would benefit from a Life Group.

ask face-to-face

Face-to-face invitations are always the most successful.

call, text & email

Don’t just assume an unanswered email means no. Emails often get placed in spam/junk folders by mistake.

Step four: review curriculum

watch your video

You and your co-host should review the video, lesson, and discussion questions before your group meets.

Test your devices

If you using a video curriculum, test your television or electronic device to ensure the video will play.

Step five: Launch your lifegroup

send reminders

Make sure to send reminders to those who have agreed to come. Send a reminder the day before and day of to remind and allow people to tell you if they are not able to make the meeting.