Every Thursday from 06/18/2020 to 07/30/2020

Contact: Elizabeth Mahusay, , 972.359.7777 x3021

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Mirror Image

A Study In Colossians

When you look into the mirror, What do you see? As you journey through this six-week study of Colossians, you’ll discover:

  • That Jesus meets us in the reflection of our mirror and invites us to believe what He says about us.
  • How to distinguish the lies of the world from the truth of God’s Word.
  • How to use the Bible to identify heart issues and blind spots in your thinking that dim your reflection of Christ.
  • How to confidently step in front of your full-length mirror and declare yourself beautifully created, for the specific purposes God birthed YOU to accomplish.

June 18 - July 30


Two Ways To Attend The Study
  1. In-person live teaching in the Worship Center on Thursday mornings beginning June 18 and ending July 30 from 10:30am to Noon.
  2. Online teaching on Thursday evenings at 8pm followed by a Zoom gathering until 9pm.

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