Saturday, September 25, 2021, 9:00 a - 3:00 p

Location: Cottonwood Creek, 1015 Sam Rayburn Tollway, Allen, TX US 75013

Contact: On Mission Team,

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Gospel Conversation Training

September 25, 2021 | 9:00a-3:00p | Register

  • Establish a family spiritual development plan that is easy and fun to follow at home
  • Share the Gospel in 3 minutes and train your family and friends
  • Disciple others without hours of study
  • Read the Bible in a new, well-received way with family and friends
  • Discover the joy of who you really are in Christ

Gospel Conversation Training is one of the three ways to participate in Reach

About Reach

The goal of Reach is to train believers who can train others in a very simple yet effective method of evangelism and discipleship. The goal of the training is to establish rapidly reproducing churches and groups of disciples across relationship networks.

Discipleship, Gospel Conversation Training, and Evangelistic Visitation are the three ways to participate in Reach.

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