elevate volleyball club


Elevate Volleyball is ready to return to the courts for its eighth year as an NTR and Nationally ranked club!




A Word from Executive Director, Nathan Quillan

We certainly live is the most unique of times! On Monday, it seems to be moving in the right direction; then on Tuesday, we are back in Hazmat uniforms! As a club director, minister, and a family man, this stuff makes my head and heart hurt! I know it puts every family in a tough position each day to make decisions to do what is best.

At Elevate Volleyball and Cottonwood Creek Sports, we have committed ourselves to making the best decisions for everyone that participates in our camps or clinics. That is why we, and all other reputable organizations, make sure we are cleaning all the equipment between every court use. We use some of the best hospital grade cleaner to sanitize our gym. We have our coaches meet all the current CDC standards for being in the gym and let families know they have been cleared by having them sign in a wear a specific-colored wristband each day. We are also utilizing our UV ballasts and germicide bulbs to not only clear the surface, but really purify air in the gym! It is our desire to have the Elevate gym in the best possible shape for our families!

As we move ahead in the ever-mysterious days of COVID-19, we are going to continue enacting responsible guidelines for our participants, including adding a few back to the list. (We know you’ve heard these enough to recite them in your sleep!)

  • All participants must wear a mask when entering and leaving the facility.
  • Sanitize hands with provided hand cleaner upon entering and leaving the gym.
  • All players temperatures will be taken upon checking in.
  • Clinics will hold at 24 players (12 per court).
  • Players will be asked to place bags in assigned areas with water bottles and sweat towels to be kept in their bags. It is recommended bags and equipment are sanitized at home.
  • Any player that is sick, has been sick in the previous 72 hours, has been exposed to anyone testing positive for COVID-19, the flu, chicken pox, or any other communicable diseases is asked to remain at home until healthy or has not shown signs of illness after exposure.
  • Always wash your hand for at least 20 seconds with soap and refrain from touching your face
  • Practice respiratory etiquette (aka – sneeze/cough in your elbow).

We tirelessly do these things to do our part in prevention and because we care about your family. We want every member or Elevate and non-member to know that we are doing what it takes to make sure we can stay active in the gym.

I want to thank every family for remaining committed and diligent in these times. We believe that there are greater purposes and opportunities that are in store for all of us!  Stay encouraged!

In faith,

Nathan Quillan
Elevate Volleyball