Your Account

TouchPoint User Account:
  • A user account will be created automatically for you and you will receive a separate email with your credentials.
  • If you already have a user account, you will receive an email with a link allowing you to reset your password, if necessary.


Balance Tracking:
  • When you log on to TouchPoint go to your people record (profile) and click Involvement > Registration.  There will be a tracking showing the cost of the trip, how much has been paid (both by you and by your supporters), and the balance.
  • You can return to check your balance at any point.  All online donations are posted immediately.



Fundraising Packet

Email Supporters:

On your Registration tab is a link to Email Supporters. Here is how you can use this feature once you click that link:

  • Enter either an email address or a 10-digit phone number to find people in the TouchPoint database.
  • If a person is not in the database, you can still add them to your list by entering their email address.
  • Click the Edit button to edit the salutation for an individual, or if you want to remove someone from the list.
  • Edit the body of the email so that you include your name at the bottom.  Be sure to leave the {salutation} at the beginning and other code that gives them a link to donate.
  • Send a test to yourself and then send the email.  NOTE:  If you send the test, you will not see a salutation with your name, but the code {salutation}.  The actual supporter will see something like Dear John.


Your Supporters:
  • Those receiving your email will have a link to donate online toward your trip.
  • They will receive a confirmation email, thanking them for their donation.
  • You will receive an email notice with their name and the amount donated, unless they check the box not to send a notification.
  • All donations are applied to your balance and they are recorded on the donor's giving record, as the donation is tax deductible.


Required Documents

Click below to fill out the appropriate waivers for your age range.  Waivers can be filled out and signed electronically, but both parent signatures and initials are still required.  Once you fill this out you will be set for all 2019 events! 

Optional Forms

Fill out, sign, and return all forms to: Cottonwood Creek Church
Attn:  Missions, 1015 Sam Rayburn Tollway Allen, TX  75013


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