About Bible & Culture

The purpose of The Bible & Culture is to provide our congregation with a concise and informative resource page to help aid in nurturing a biblical worldview in a culture that is growing more secular. In no way is this an exhaustive list, but should be used as a great place to begin understanding how God’s Word interacts with our world.


Sex & Sexuality


The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the Plague of Pornography by Jim Denison

The author answers an important question: “just what is pornography?” Then he “look[s] at a few other myths and questions about this destructive plague.”


The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage: 6 Common But Mistaken Claims by Darrell Bock

“I’ve been hearing a lot [of] conversations [where] God’s Word is used to argue that the church needs to change its view on same-sex marriage, even though Scripture seems uniformly against it.”

A Christian Response to Homosexuality by Christopher Yuan

Listen in as Christopher Yuan gives a biblical response to “How should Christians respond to homosexuality and more importantly those in the LGBT community?”

Transgender Issues

5 Facts About Transgenderism by Joe Carter

While this was written last year, the author gives a great, brief overview of transgenderism.



3 Principles for Talking Politics on Social Media by Samuel James

“The election season is in full swing, and there’s no way to avoid the Facebook post from the friend who swears they “never” talk politics, or the Twitter “rant” from the coworker that you didn’t even think watched the news.”

Religious Liberty

Which Way, Evangelicals? There is Nowhere to Hide by Albert Mohler

This is an article written in response to Pastor Tony Campolo’s “full acceptance of Christian gay couples in the church” from last summer.



Man, Woman and the Mystery of Christ: An Evangelical Protestant Perspective by Russell Moore

Dr. Moore addresses the “necessity of complementarity and the importance of marriage from an evangelical Protestant perspective.“


And What About Divorce? by Kevin DeYoung

“Isn’t it hypocritical of Christians to protest so loudly about homosexuality when the real marital problem in our churches is divorce?”


A Cure for the Common Cold Feet: Addressing Our Fear of Commitment by Josh Squires


Singleness, Loneliness and the Church as a Family by Trillia Newbell

Listen and watch this conversation over feeling “left out” in the church.

Sanctity of Life

Human Rights

9 Things You Need to Know About Backpage.com and Sex Trafficking by Gaye Clark

A very important article discussing the reality and accessibility of sex trafficking in the United States.


Racial Reconciliation, the Church and the Gospel by Daniel Darling

Listen and watch a discussion about the impact of the Civil Rights Act on both the United States and the Church.


Abortion and the Problem of Personhood by Jonathan Leeman and Matthew Arbo

A biblical response to the belief that “The unborn person does not have constitutional rights.”


Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: A Slippery Slope Indeed by Daniel J. Hurst

An informative article and response to the argument that assisted suicide should be legal.

Christian Living


The Most Powerful Apologetic Tool in the World by Jon Bloom

“You don’t have to be brilliant to show people who Jesus really is. Most people don’t come to Christ through the sophisticated arguments of top-tier philosophers or theologians, but through the faithful pointing by an ordinary person to the extraordinary brilliance of Jesus as he reveals himself in Scripture.”


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