Discipleship: Opportunities for Continued Growth

The key to living true, authentic faith is being intentional about your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Life/Home Groups

Our Life Groups are a great place to start to get involved. These groups provide community, fellowship and study in a more personal environment and are a great place to build relationships within the church. A listing of all our classes as well as class demographic information is available at the Welcome Centers. We recommend that you visit several different classes, as there are a lot of great Life Groups where you can get plugged in!

Accountability Group

Accountability Groups are groups of 3 - 5 people who meet regularly (usually weekly) for the specific purpose of encouraging each other in their spiritual journey. Different from other small groups (Bible Studies, etc…), Accountability Groups focus on specific areas where each believer may struggle. God already knows how often we fall short. He just wants us to keep pursuing Him - and Accountability Groups help us do exactly that, more consistently.  Click here for information on how to start an Accountability Group.


Periodically throughout the year we, as an entire church body, will have a new focus - something related to Faith@Home that we’ll sync up both the Sermon Series and Life Group curriculum to concentrate on a specific aspect of our spiritual walk. It does not matter if you are a brand new Christian or have been a Christian for 85 years. The key is to never get complacent and to continue to look for opportunities to grow.

Focused Events

Events like the Love and Respect Conference, the iShine Event, and the Girls of Grace event. We will continue to seek out opportunities to both challenge and encourage ourselves in our walk with Christ.

Service Opportunties and Mission Trips

Putting faith into action is extremely important, both for the believer as well as the ones they serve. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved - by yourself, with your family, with your Life Group or with the church body. The key is GET INVOLVED. For more information on these opportunities, please visit the Missions page.

God Moments

God moments are those little teaching opportunities God provides as you are simply living life together as a spiritual family. These are not planned by us, but we strive to be ready to take advantage of every opportunity that God provides in our daily lives. Christians who are living authentic faith focus on embracing God moments to teach biblical truth to others in experiential ways.

Faith Talks

Part of living authentic faith is being intentional with leaving a legacy. Just like most of us have financial goals and plans for our families, we need to be even more diligent with our spiritual plans for our loved ones. Faith Talk is the platform from which families formally study the Bible at home every week. Faith Talk is time set aside for family, fun and Scripture. It is more than an event, it’s a family tradition!  Resources for age appropriate Faith Talks are available on campus.

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