Jacob Jolly

Birthday: February 18

Tell Us About Your Family: My partner in crime, Lexie, is a nurse and we spend our free time cuddling with our dog Penny. 
Favorite Movies: 1917 
Favorite Scripture: Micah 6:8 
Favorite Music/Band/Singers: Antoine Bradford  
Hidden Talent: I’m a plant dad, everyone needs a houseplant in their life! 
Biggest Fear: Forgetting to press record 
Things That Fascinate You: How many ways there are to light the human face 
Life-Changing Moment:
In 2020, I worked on two Emmy Award-Winning projects with an amazing studio in Oklahoma City. 
Most Adventurous Experience: I’ll never forget car-camping in Yellowstone with my wife and my dog. 
Things You Collect: Lens caps that I forget to take out of my pocket 

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