Jesse "Bucky" Glance

Birthday: October 16

When & Where You Were Saved: First Methodist Church, Wylie. 1998 

Tell Us About Your Family: Married. Blended family of 8. We have 6 children (5 boys, 1 girl). 

Nickname: Bucky 

Regular Order at Starbucks: Venti caramel macchiato  

People Who Inspire You: Parents 

Weird Quirks: Sense of humor 

Favorite Thing to Do: Camping 

Least Favorite Thing to Do: Sitting in traffic 

What Makes You Laugh: Many things 

Favorite Movies: Goonies, Star Wars 

Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:13 

Favorite Sports: Football, Soccer 

Favorite Music/Band/Singers: Christian rock, Rock/Red, Eagles/ Pete Loeffler, Glenn Frey 

Favorite TV Shows: Friends 

Favorite Actor/Actress: Harrison Ford/Charlize Theron 

Something People Don’t Know AYou: I have a keyhole pupil. 

Hidden Talent: Not sure 

Biggest Fear: Sky diving 

Dream Vacation: Tour Italy 

Things That Fascinate You: Thunderstorms 

Previous Jobs or First Job: First job: grocery store bagger 

Pet Peeves: Clean and organized workspace 

Sports I’m Good At: Soccer 

Sports I’m Not Good At: Basketball 

Spare Time Pastimes: Spending time with family 

Most Exotic Trip: Hearst Castle or Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port 

Personal Hero: Dad 

If You Could Meet Anyone, It’d Be: Paul McCartney 

In Ministry Since: 2010 

Life-Changing Moment: Finding god and firstborn son 

Favorite Food: Pizza 

Least Favorite Food: Any food with too much curry 

Most Adventurous Experience: Climbed to the top of Bridal Falls  at Yosemite 

Dream Living Location: Italy 

Proudest Accomplishment: Being a father 

Favorite Holiday: Christmas 

Time it Takes You to Get Ready: 30min 

Things You Collect: Steins 

The One Thing You’d Like to Come Back in Fashion: Any 50s fashion 

Languages I Speak: English and some Spanish 

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