Ryan King

Birthday: January 29

When and Where You Were Saved: I was saved when I was about 11 years old in El Paso TX. I asked my dad to lead me in salvation prayer, he also baptized me a little while later.

Tell Us About Your Family: I have 2 older sisters, both with 4 kids. My middle sister lives in San Antonio where they started a church, and my oldest sister lives in Mississippi and both her and her husband also work in their local church.  

Nickname: Ryan the Lion King. I don’t get called that much any more, though in high school I worked in in a tire shop where the guys would call me “Reverend Dr. King” 

Regular Order at Starbucks: Im a coffee snob and rarely order garbage from Sbux😊  

People Who Inspire You: Simon Sinek, Frank Turek, my brother in law Ted Thevaos, and Apostle James 

Weird Quirks: I try to get every last drop out of the gas hose, call it a quirk if you must, I call it being frugal 

Favorite Thing to Do: Fishing and making my morning cup of coffee.

Least Favorite Thing to Do: I hate moving and painting  

What Makes You Laugh: Watching Impractical Jokers 

Favorite Movies: Brave heart, Dumb and Dumber, Tropic Thunder, Band of Brothers, Back to the Future 1&3, Interstellar, Dune, I could go on and on… 

Favorite Scripture: Hebrews 1:3 

Favorite Sports: Fishing 

Favorite Music/Band/Singers: One Republic, Need To Breath, U2, Nothing But Thieves, Elliot Root, Mute Math…I can go on and on 

Favorite Book: The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit 

Favorite TV Shows: Forged In Fire 

Favorite Actor: Keanu Reeves  

Something Most People Don’t Know About You: My first language was Spanish.

Hidden Talent: I can play the Bag Pipes…sort of 

Biggest Fear: Growing old  

Dream Vacation: Anywhere I go with my wife 

Things that Fascinate You: Astronomy, Astro Physics, Economics, and human Psychology  

Previous Jobs: Mostly in Audio, Video and Worship, and Entrepreneurism  

Pet Peeves: People promising to do something, then not living up to that promise 

Sports You’re Good At: Volleyball, Fishing, Im really good at the sport of making a mess,

Sports You’re Not Good At: Absolutely terrible at playing Golf 

Spare Time Pastimes: Try to learn about something new, or gain a better understanding about something Im interested in. 

Most Exotic Trip: Paris, France 

If You Could Meet Anyone, It’d Be: I would love to have met General Patton, Stone Wall Jackson, Ron Burgundy, Apostle Paul  

In Ministry Since: 1993 

Life-Changing Moment: When I lost virtually everything I had and found that The Lord still helped me get through it, and I know he will always get me through the next battle 

Favorite Food: BBQ hands down,

Least Favorite Food: Oysters 

Most Adventurous Experience: Start a business  

Dream Living Location: Tennessee, or Europe if it wasn’t so crazy out there 

Proudest Accomplishment: Growing leaders up to replace me, and watch them do the same thing when it was their time to leave 

Favorite Holiday: The day after Christmas 

How Long it Takes You to Get Ready: about 10-15min 

Things You Collect: Fishing rods, I don’t tend to hold onto too many things 

One Thing You Wish Would Come Back In Style: Clothing from the 1700s that’s when people really cared about how they looked 

Languages I Speak: English and some Spanish 

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