creek 55†

ministry testimonies

"When I first heard about the Caregiver Support Group, I knew immediately that I wanted to attend. At that time, I was helping care for a lady who had been diagnosed with Dementia. I wanted to learn all I could about the disease and how to more effectively care for this lady. I have found this group to be invaluable. I now have a much better understanding of Dementia. I've learned strategies for care-giving, ways to help my loved ones feel important and valued, ways to help loved ones functionon a daily basis and how to live well as they age; all without exhausting the care-giver. As someone who has a heart for caring for others, I now feel better equipped to care for anyone experiencing Dementia. Thank you for offering this Support Group."
- Terry
"We have a severely handicapped person coming to live in our home within a couple of weeks, and I purchased a tub grab bar hoping to be able to install myself, but frankly not knowing how to do so. I learned from a friend that there are some men from our Cottonwood Creek Church that are pleased to help older folks like me. One phone call and an appointment was set. They showed up, and within an hour the grab bar was installed. I can relax knowing that our handicapped guest can comfortably and safely enjoy his daily shower."
- Joe
"Our Creek 55+ pickleball group is bringing our church together. I’ve been in this church for 15 years and I have made more connections with this one activity than even joining a large life group! We pray together, exercise and socialize with a new group learning more about God’s people. We also have the ability for outreach inviting others from the community to participate with us here at the church."
- Lena