Woven & Mended Orphan Ministry

Woven is Cottonwood Creek's Orphan Care Ministry.

What does this ministry do?

Our mission is to support, care and educate our church in caring for children.

We strive to be a ministry that comes alongside those in our church who are currently fostering or interested in becoming foster parents through education, respite care and support.

We can provide resources to those interested in domestic or international adoption. We can help families with fundraising for their adoption and provide resources for post-adoption parenting skills and support.

We can help the church by giving them tangible ways to help serve those caring for children in need in our community to help show the love of Jesus.

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Contact Terra Towne at 214.914.1453 or terratowne1@gmail.com


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Contact Terra Towne at 214.914.1453 or terratowne1@gmail.com



Mended is a Care Group for adoptive moms with mostly teenagers. This is a safe place for those moms to come together in fellowship and build each other up. There are no judgements here, this is a space to talk about the highs and lows of working with their kids.

This group is geared toward moms with older children who have been with them for a while. 

There are 60 children in Collin County waiting to be adopted.

The Second Story is a community of churches working together to find a family for every child in Collin County. We believe children without families to be an injustice, so, in the spirit of Psalm 68:5-6, we work to reverse the trend of waiting children.

We recognize that adoption is not the only answer for these children. While our focus is on those already waiting, we also promote the initiatives of church orphan care ministries with these and other important goals: building capacity into birth parents to reunite families, providing support and sustainability for all families touched by foster care and adoption and helping youth transition out of foster care into adulthood.

For more information on how to begin the process in order to adopt a waiting child, visit the Get Involved page. To see which churches are participating in the Second Story campaign and taking ownership of the biblical mandates to care for orphans in their local congregations, visit the Churches page. If you have your own Second Story in adoption to tell, visit the Contact page.

  • Who is Lifesong? “With a family culture and a heart for the world’s fatherless, Lifesong for Orphans offers adoption financial assistance, foster care support, church and ministry partnerships, and international orphan care by serving advocates who help carry out this work of bringing joy and purpose to orphans.” Learn More
  • Lifesong’s Method: “We seek to mobilize the Church, His body, where each member can provide a unique and special service: some to adopt, some to care, some to give. ” Learn More