Peace & Grace

Do you have a wayward child or family member rebelling against God and creating chaos in your life?  You are not alone. Like you, many have found themselves on a similar road and have been able to find peace in the midst of their chaos. 
We are a care and support group that will provide encouragement, love, and truth through the direction and application of God’s living word.  Our 20-week discipleship curriculum provides you with the tools and resources to provide the best environment for your prodigal to recover and reconcile with you and God.  

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Prodigal Ministry Resumes!

The Prodigal Ministry provides care and support for families of children and loved ones who are wandering from God.  This 20-week discipleship welcomes everyone in need of hope in the midst of their chaos.  In community and through the love and truth of Jesus, you will learn how to provide the best environment for your prodigal to recover and reconcile with you and God. For more information text PRODIGAL to 77978. Begins Thursday nights from 6:30pm – 8:00pm on July 13, 2022


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Please purchase curriculum prior to your first meeting. Click to purchase:  Got Chaos?: My Prodigal Road


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