The Landing exists to help students work through their hurts, habits, and hang-ups and find hope, healing, and purpose through Jesus Christ.

overcome any hurt, hang-up & habit

The Landing is a safe place for teenagers (6th – 12th grade) to find hope and freedom from their pain and addictions. Pain is real and life often doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t seem fair!

Pain can present itself in a variety of ways: abuse, rejection, criticism, betrayal, divorce, failure, depression, or ridicule. We all experience pain. No one gets a pass.

As a result of these feelings, we often try to cope in a variety of unhealthy and destructive ways. Addictions are real. It could be drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, food, cutting, eating disorders, relationships, entertainment or some other means of trying to escape pain.

The good news is that there is HOPE.  You don’t have to bear this alone. We can help you in a confidential and safe place. At The Landing, we introduce students to the biblical recovery principles that lead you to hope and healing.

The Landing meets every Monday night from 7 – 9 p.m. in A212, on the second floor of the Education building. 

A signed parental consent form is required for teens that choose to attend.

Please contact Ron Schrock, Care Minister, at  for more information.

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MONDAYS | 7-9 P.M. | A212

The Landing meets on campus every Monday throughout the year. Parental consent form is required to attend.  Please email if you have questions.