February Ministry Spotlight: Cancer Care Ministry


This month, we recognize and celebrate the amazing work done by the Cottonwood Creek Cancer Care Ministry. From handwritten cards to weekly prayers, the Cancer Care Ministry provides care and support for those fighting against and recovering from a cancer diagnosis.

 Currently, the Cancer Care Team is asking our congregation to come together to make no-sew blankets which will provide warmth and comfort for the patients who receive them. This ongoing project, which amplifies during February, is a testament to the extremely attentive, empathetic nature of the Cancer Care Ministry.

 Each aspect of this ministry is catered specifically to cancer patients, with many ideas stemming from the collaboration of cancer survivors who now serve the same ministry that cared for them post-diagnosis. With an insight and knowledge of what cancer patients experience, the ministry is able to create special guidelines and structures to provide maximum support to those they serve.

 For example, the Cancer Care Ministry provides no-sew blanket instructions for those who wish to make and donate them. Rather than a simple schematic of the blanket, the instructions detail methods to choose non-irritating fabric, remove edges that could cause itchiness or fraying, and ensure that no blankets are made in the presence of possible irritants, like pet hair.

 Outside of this amazing blanket-making program, the Cancer Care Ministry provides many other services:

  • Care Bags filled with information, encouraging books, holdings crosses and blankets, all of which is prayed over by Cottonwood Creek members
  • Care Bag Distribution at local Cancer Treatment Centers
  • Monthly support groups for patients and survivors
  • Prayer warriors who pray weekly for specific patients
  • Care for children affected by a cancer diagnosis
  • A card-writing program sent from members to patients
  • Senior Center support for cancer patients
  • Additional information and resources written and curated by Pastor John Mark

Through outreach programs, even people outside of Cottonwood Creek have been able to feel the love and support of this amazing ministry. One patient’s wife commented, “I truly think you were put in our path at just the right time for my husband. He has been struggling about beginning the next round of chemo, and after hearing your story, he said he will do it and be focused on preventative work for the future. We really appreciate what you and your ministry are doing for people.”

As we move through the month of February, we encourage our church family to get involved in this wonderful opportunity to reach the sick and the hurting, whether that be through making a no-sew blanket or becoming involved in various other opportunities to serve. For more information on getting involved, please visit www.cottonwoodcreek.org/cancer.

When you see our Chapel illuminated in golden lights in honor of the Cancer Care Ministry this month, take a moment to praise God for this impactful ministry and the dedicated survivors who serve, and pray for the patients currently fighting their battle.