6th-12th grade ● CONNECT


Huddle Groups are the NEW name for our Student LifeGroups. We look forward to helping you find YOUR perfect group.


A huddle gives the image of friends coming together, wrapping their arms around one another, encouraging one another, correcting one another, and making an action plan. Our goal is to have every student in a "huddle group," where they can choose what to study, and who they study with.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Groups will no longer be limited to meeting on Wednesday nights. Your group can meet any time, any day of the week. You will also have the flexibility to meet however you want. Choose to meet using an online platform, in person, or both! The goal is simply that we meet.


Huddle Groups will provide students with the freedom to choose who they study with as well. Groups can include anyone regardless of age, school, or gender. It is completely up to the student and can even include friends from outside the church looking for opportunities to learn more about God.


Groups will be able to select what they want to study. It can be a CSM curriculum, Right Now Media, or LifeWay Bible Study. Students will be able to go deeper when they’re ready, stay with general survey if they need to, or find accountability when they need it.