6th-12th grade ● camp


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Creek Student Ministry camp volunteer! Here you can find more information about what it means to be a leader at Student Camp as well as answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


• You will be assigned a small group of students that are your same gender. You will get to be with these students all week, have fun, and disciple them!

• You will have the opportunity to do all of the REC activities (if you are able) and all of the camp activities with your students.

• You will get to worship alongside your students during the Worship Services.

• It will be physically exhausting, but spiritually energizing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sleep in the cabin with students?

Yes, you will have your own bed in the cabin with students. You will help supervise in the cabins and make sure everyone goes to bed.

Do I get to teach any Bible Studies?

Yes! You will have plenty of opportunities to lead your small group in devotionals.

Is the food good?

Believe it or not – Yes! Some meals are definitely better than others but they are all great… For camp food.

Will there be coffee?

Yes, you will be able to stay caffeinated.

Will I have a co-leader?

Sometimes! If you would like a co-leader, then make sure we know that.

Will there be wifi so I can check email?

There is SOME cell service and WiFi. So yes, you will be able to but I wouldn’t count on being as highly productive as you normally are at your office.

Will I get any sleep?

Yes! Well… I hope so!

Will I get paid?

Unfortunately, we do not pay our leaders. But it is FREE to be a leader this year!

Will I get to pick my small group of students?

You will be allowed to “request” a group. We do our best to accommodate your requests but we ask that you stay flexible!


Volunteering at Student Camp is both fun and spiritually rewarding. Our volunteers are loved and appreciated and have the chance to truly impact the lives of the next generation of believers. Here are just a few summaries of what it's like to lead at CSM Student Camp.

I love being a student leader at camp! It’s so much fun to watch students fall in love with Christ, answer the hard questions and watch them experience true freedom and joy. You also get to laugh a lot, act like a kid and experience a week away from distractions yourself!

- Bree Landers

A group leader at Student Camp presents endless opportunities to disciple young girls in a small group setting. Bonus is to see the shy student gain a community their age while having crazy fun and fellowship in Jesus together during the best week ever!!

- Denise Francisco

What I really like about Student Camp is all of the kids having fun, building friendships, and learning about Jesus. It doesn’t get any better than that!

- Mike Cekinovich