David Marsh

Birthday: July 23

When & Where You Were Saved: Elmira, NY, at age 19 

Tell Us About Your Family: Sue and I have been married 38 years, with 3 daughters and SILs and 11 grandkids. 

Nickname: Dave 

Regular Order at Starbucks: Black coffee 

People Who Inspire You: George Muller  

Weird Quirks: Sarcasm 

Favorite Thing to Do: Gathering with my family 

Least Favorite Thing to Do: Saying goodbye to my family 

What Makes You Laugh: My grandkids 

Favorite Movies: Groundhog Day 

Favorite Scripture: Matthew 6:33 

Favorite Sports: Football, baseball 

Favorite Music: 70s rock/90s country 

Favorite Book: Bible 

Favorite TV Shows: College Football, Seinfeld  

Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks 

Hidden Talent: I can whistle. 

Biggest Fear: Not being able to whistle 

Dream Vacation: Anywhere with my wife, Sue

Things That Fascinate You: Space  

Previous Jobs or First Job: Air Force ISR and NASA Space Shuttle Program 

Pet Peeves: Long meetings 

Sports You’re Good At: I’m really good at watching college football. 

Spare Time Pastimes: Bicycling, Reading 

Most Exotic Trip: Japan or Korea 

Personal Hero: Jesus, Apostle Paul 

If You Could Meet Anyone, It’d Be: Apostle Paul 

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