John Mark Caton
Senior Pastor



When and Where You Were Saved: Spring Baptist Church, Spring TX.

Tell Us About Your Family: Jeana and I have been married for 30+ Years. In addition to working alongside me, she is a realtor and leads a ladies Bible Study at Cottonwood Creek. We met in the church nursery at Spring Baptist Church, but neither of us remember our first meeting. We have known each other all our lives. We have four children: Jace (Graduated for University of Arkansas and Owns Caton Roofing & Construction), Jordan (Graduated from the University of Oklahoma and Works for Texas instruments), Jensyn (Graduated from the University of Oklahoma and works for Ernst & Young) & Jarrett (College Student at the University Arkansas).

Nickname: I really don’t have a nickname—my mom always insisted on me being called “John Mark”…not John, not Mark, but John Mark. In fact, if you call me “John” in front of her, she will still correct you : – )

Regular Order at Starbucks: Medium Black Coffee

People Who Inspire You: People who don’t quit! People who maximize their ability!

Weird Quirks: I talk to myself 🙂

Favorite Thing to Do: I love being on the lake, eating Mexican food, reading and researching (non-fiction), and spending time with family.

Least Favorite Thing to Do: I don’t like to read fiction, nor do I enjoy shopping.

What Makes You Laugh: Funny videos of people doing dumb things

Favorite Movies: Lethal Weapon or Top Gun

Favorite Scripture: Romans 5:8

Favorite Sports: Baseball and College Football

Favorite Music/Band/Singers: 80s Rock & Contemporary Christian Music

Favorite Book: Bible

Favorite TV Shows: CSI anything

Favorite Actor/Actress: Don’t Have One

Hidden Talent: I can dance.

Biggest Fear: Failure

Dream Vacation: Anywhere on a lake

Things That Fascinate You: I love to solve problems and learn new things.

Previous Jobs or First Job: Institutional Investment Advisor

Pet Peeves: Laziness and Entitlement

Sports You’re Good At: Baseball & Bowling

Spare Time Pastimes: In my spare time, I like to complete my “to do list,” but Jeana says I like to piddle.

Most Exotic Trip: Amazon Jungle

My Hero: Jesus

If You Could Meet Anyone, It’d Be: My Future Grandkids

In Ministry Since: September, 1989

Life-changing Moment: Accepting the Pastorate at Cottonwood Creek (then First Baptist Church Fairview) in May 1995 .

Favorite Food: Oreos & banana pudding

Least Favorite Food: Anything with coconut in it

Most Adventurous Experience: Proposing to Jeana after two months of dating.

Dream Living Location: On a lake somewhere near Cottonwood Creek Church

Proudest Accomplishment: Raising my family and Pastoring Cottonwood Creek Church

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

How Long It Takes You to Get Ready: 15 Minutes

Things You Collect: Baseballs

The One Thing You’d Like to Come Back in Fashion: Cargo Shorts

Languages You Speak: Texan

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