Nathan Quillan

When You Were Saved: 1992 – Branch Baptist Church, Branch, Texas 

Tell Us About Your Family: Married to Sarah (1998), Children – Adrianna (21), Madalyn (19), Ashlyn (17), Natalie Grace (16) 

Nickname: “Quill” 

Regular Order at Starbucks: Spinach Feta Wrap and Strawberry Refresher  

People That Inspire You: People that want to learn, willing to hustle, and trying to make a difference wherever they are. 

Weird Quirks: I call everything “Thing-a-ma-jiggers” if I can’t remember what it is. 

What Makes You Laugh: People doing dumb stuff… and suffering the consequences for it! 

Favorite Movies: Dead Poets Society, The Natural, Hacksaw Ridge 

Favorite Scripture: Romans 1:16 

Favorite Sports: Baseball 

Favorite Music/Band/Singers: Old School Country Music – Alabama (Band) – Alan Jackson (Artist) 

Favorite Book: =/  

Favorite TV Shows: Probably the cool stuff about storms on the Weather Channel. 

Favorite Actor/Actress: Robin Williams/Sandra Bullock 

Something People Don’t Know About You: I was a Jazz Theory and Composition major in college. Wrote charts for local jazz groups before forgetting everything I learned. =) 

Hidden Talent: I don’t hide my talents. 

Biggest Fear: Spiders that crawl in my mouth when I sleep. 

Dream Vacation: MLB Baseball Park tour! Hit all parks in one summer!  

Things That Fascinate You: Ideas and how things are made. 

Previous Jobs or First Job: Built shower doors at 15!  

Pet Peeves: Whining about a problem with no thoughts on solutions. Such a whipping. 

Sports You’re Good At: Baseball/softball, everything else I coach really, really well! 

Spare Time Pastimes: I like to live in my alter ego, Bo Bross, semi-famous, but still unknown landscape painter. 

Most Exotic Trip: The zoo. 

Personal Hero: My maternal grandfather (mom’s dad).  

If You Could Meet Anyone, It’d Be: Anyone willing to talk to me. 

In Ministry Since: 2011 

Life-Changing Moment: 1. Salvation, 2. Birth of my first daughter 

Favorite Food: I LOVE Tacos. 

Least Favorite Food: I am not a big fish fan. 

Most Adventurous Experience: Took a job in vocational ministry.  

Dream Living Location: On a big, open sky piece of land near a mountain or on a lake 

Proudest Accomplishment: You know, I am proud of a lot of things, but always most proud when I see someone understand something new! 

Favorite Holiday: Any holiday that I don’t have to spend money. (I am frugal.) 

Time It Takes You to Get Ready: 30 minutes  

Things You Collect: Thoughts 

The One Thing You’d Like to Come Back in Fashion: I think athletic pants and t-shirts have been in fashion for a long time! 

Languages I Speak: Teenager, Incomplete thoughts, and menu. 

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