Whatever It Takes Original Song


Allen, TEXAS – In today’s world, local churches are called to connect with audiences through modern channels.  One way Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen, Texas has done this is through the release of a new song, entitled “Whatever It Takes.”  

Coming to streaming platforms May 28, 2021, this Creek Worship original is a fun, upbeat tune modeled after Cottonwood Creek’s motto: “Whatever It Takes for the Gospel.” Senior Worship Minister Bridgette Hammers, alongside Joseph Durham, Wayne Snyder, Rich Braswell, Rebecca Sehnert and Jairus Withrow, collaborated to compose this new track.    

“This song completely captures the heart behind who we are at Cottonwood Creek,” said Hammers. “When people listen to it, I hope they can hear our passion and understand that God will truly do anything to reach you where you are.” 

 While you can search Spotify Music or YouTube for this new hit, or open it in iTunes through this link http://ccfam.ly/whateverittakessong, you can also enjoy live performances from Creek Worship here at 1015 Sam Rayburn Tollway, Allen, Texas. Performances are live every Saturday at 5 p.m., Sunday at 9:30 and 11 a.m. and on the last Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. for a community-wide Worship Night. 

Led by Senior Worship Minister Bridgette Hammers since 2019, Creek Worship is representative of the fun and passionate attitude Cottonwood Creek prioritizes. Similar to all Cottonwood Creek ministries, their mission is simple – Whatever It Takes for the Gospel. For more information visit cottonwoodcreek.org or call 972.359.7777. 

Written By: Taylor Plate