Cottonwood Creek Church executive pastor, Scott Sanford, authors Bill protecting religious liberties in Texas


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Allen, Texas – On June 15, 2021, Governor Greg Abbott signed the Freedom to Worship Act into law. This legislation was authored by Texas House Rep. Scott Sanford to protect places of worship from government-mandated closures.

Sanford, who also serves as an executive pastor at Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen, Texas, saw his church close due to COVID-19 pandemic mandates. During the aftermath of this shutdown, Sanford witnessed the toll it took on congregations barred from gathering to worship.

As he began to write the Freedom to Worship Act, Sanford knew he was creating a document essential in protecting First Amendment religious freedoms. “As a Pastor and Christian, I was honored to author this important legislation,” Sanford stated.

With this law in place, local churches can remain confident that no government official will prevent them from gathering together to worship. “Local churches need to have peace of mind during emergencies that government officials are not going to close their worship spaces,” said Sanford.

Scott Sanford has served as a staff member at Cottonwood Creek Church for 24 years and has served as a Texas State Representative since 2013. He serves on several Texas House committees: Ways & Means, Public Education and House Administration.

Rep. Sanford holds the recently signed HB 1239 alongside Governor Abbott.

Written By: Taylor Plate