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Spiritual maturity is a lifelong journey. It begins the moment you place your faith and trust in Christ as Lord and Savior and continues throughout the rest of your life. At Cottonwood Creek Church, we want to come alongside and help you on your faith journey. We believe the true “Authentic Faith” is one that thrives both inside and outside the walls of the church building. It is not something that can be compartmentalized or only demonstrated on Sunday mornings.

Learn more about the Faith At Home resources available for you online.

Click here to watch the six-part series on how to read the Bible.

The Bible Project is a nonprofit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated Bible videos and other Bible resources to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.

 Learn more about The Bible Project.

The Bible Recap is a resource through the organization My DGroup to provide resources to help you read through the Bible in a year. There are media resources as well as daily audio podcasts to recap and help you in your daily reading.

Learn more about The Bible Recap.