Growing up in community at Cottonwood Creek Church


I have gone to Cottonwood Creek for about 18 years. Growing up in a Christian home, I was taught at a young age that Jesus was my savior and that He is my only way to heaven. As I got older, I began asking more questions and started understanding the Gospel better. I was saved at around six years old and baptized shortly after. I did my best to live my life in a “good Christian girl” way. Without a doubt, I knew that I was going to heaven, but I didn’t understand how to completely follow Christ and grow in my relationship with Him. I went to church, read my Bible occasionally, and even served with my parents. I did as I was told and what I knew to be right. It wasn’t until high school that I truly understood what it meant to grow in Christ.

 Through the youth ministry here at Cottonwood Creek, I got heavily involved and found an amazing group of friends that encouraged me in my faith and brought me closer to Christ.

 As I got closer to the Lord, I began to see the sin in my life. One of my biggest struggles was, and still is, control. I do not want to give God control of my life, not because I don’t think He can handle it, but because I want to be the one to take care of everything so that it’s done MY way.

I love the verse Philippians 4:6-7, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

 I do not like the uncertainty of my future. In fact, I pretty much hate it. When things don’t go my way (*cough cough* Covid), I become anxious. This verse points me to the only thing that will genuinely help me, Christ.”

Over the years, I have learned two significant things:

1) God always wins, and I need to stop fighting Him

2) My plans are nothing compared to God’s plans.

God has truly given me the most amazing blessings that I never expected. One of the biggest blessings He has given me is an amazing church with fantastic people.

Cottonwood Creek has given me the tools to help shape my life. From children’s ministry through youth, to working in the preschool ministry, and now this current life stage of being a young adult. I have been so lucky to always find people my age, no matter the season of life.

The Lord has really given me great people to be with, in community. I love being part of a LifeGroup that comes together for the glory of God. Whether it’s meeting on Sundays, collecting items for Operation Christmas Child, buying school supplies for Fun with The Son, or just supporting each other with prayer and meals during hard seasons. I am so glad that I made the effort to stay connected at Cottonwood Creek Church.

-Allie Kester