Walking Through Cancer with Christ – Cottonwood Creek Cancer Care Ministry


Cancer. A word nobody wants to hear and a reality nobody wants to face. When a cancer diagnosis occurs, it’s overwhelming, frightening and many times shocking. Some people will face their cancer battle surrounded with supporters, while others might feel they have to go it alone.  No matter the circumstance, Cancer Care Ministry at Cottonwood Creek is here to lift up those diagnosed with cancer.

After a diagnosis, the patient, as well as their family, is likely wondering what will happen next. Cancer Care Ministry is prepared for this question, and they are happy to provide answers through the book CancerNow What?, by Kenneth Haugk Ph.D. Additionally, they provide each cancer patient with a complimentary care bag filled with a prayer-blessed blanket, inspirational books, an encouraging CD, information on what cancer can’t do and a mask. Care bags are readily available for anyone in need, and they can be picked up at our church, dropped off by a volunteer or mailed in or out of state as needed.

 As patients walk through their journey, the Cancer Care Ministry seeks to continue to provide care and support. For those who are interested, they have the ability to match current cancer patients with survivors, who are able to communicate their faithful walks with cancer over phone, email, Zoom or socially distanced one-on-one meetings.

Over the course of treatment, patients will receive cards of faith, hope, love and encouragement from our Card Ministry volunteers. Additionally, each patient will be specifically prayed for by volunteers.

 For those with little ones, counseling and play & art therapy is available for children with a family member battling cancer. Group support for adult patients is also available at virtual support meetings once monthly.

Around 40% of Americans will experience cancer in their lifetime. If you know somebody who has recently been diagnosed or is currently struggling with cancer, please reach out to the Cancer Care Ministry: https://cottonwoodcreek.org/cancer-care-resources/.