Meredith Jackson

When and Where You Were Saved: I was saved as a young adult at a small church in Nebraska. It was after learning how to take God’s Word and show someone else what the Bible said about salvation, and eternal life that I realized that I had never done that.  I had head knowledge but I did not have a personal relationship with Christ.  At that time with full understanding of why I needed to be saved, I confessed my sin, and asked Christ to be my Savior.

Tell Us About Your Family: I have 3 grown sons who are married and 13 grandchildren.  My husband and I were in full-time ministry together for many years before he passed away in 2014.

Regular Order at Starbucks:  Decaf Hazelnut Latte

People Who Inspire You: Missionaries – both current and those from history.

Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord alway; and again I say, Rejoice.” I love this verse because it teaches me that no matter what is going on in my life, whether good or bad, I can rejoice. Because the Lord never changes, I can always rejoice in Him.

Favorite Thing to Do: Travel – especially with family.

Favorite Food: Tex-Mex, Italian and a good steak.

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