Here for you when you can’t be with the Creek Kids family in person.

Sunday, Jan. 23

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Family Talk

Today your child learned about the importance of praying to God. You can help your child apply this lesson. Talk with your child about the different kinds of prayers we offer to God: We praise God. We thank God for what He does. We tell God we are sorry when we make wrong choices. We ask God for His help.

While God knows everything, He desires to hear from His children. God wants His children to recognize their needs and acknowledge their dependence on Him. As you pray with your child, demonstrate the different ways to pray. Allow your child to hear you praying, just as Jesus’ followers heard Him pray.

 Prayer Jar
Sit together and talk about people, events, and issues to pray for. Write each prayer need on an individual slip of paper. Decorate a glass jar with stickers, paint, or permanent markers. Label the jar as your “Prayer Jar.” Fold the prayer slips and place them inside the jar. Choose a specific time when you will pull out a prayer slip and pray together every day.