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Sunday, Sept. 19

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Moses is Born!

  • Bible Focus: Moses is Born

  • Verse: Give thanks to the Lord and pray to Him. Psalm 105:1

  • Bible Point:  God cares for us.

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Take Home Sheet

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Family Fun

A child experiences faith and trust as their needs are met by loving caregivers. Ultimately this knowledge of faith and trust leads to an understanding of who God is.  Have you ever considered how essential God is to every aspect to life? Children need to have their deepest needs met by knowing that God made them and loves them. All the challenges they will ever encounter in their lifetimes can be faced with the knowledge of God’s presence in their lives. Treasure those valuable moments when you can share with your children how much God loves them and cares for them each and every day.

Family Banner

As a family, think about all the ways God cares for you. On a piece of poster board, have each family member draw pictures illustrating the ways that God cares for them. Share the pictures and thank God for a ll the ways He cares for your family. Display the family masterpiece in a spot where it can be seen as a daily reminder of God’s constant and wonderful care.